Our History

The brothers Aristides and Stathis Spanos, having grown in tis area, found it absolutely natural to be involved in grape growing and wine production early in their lives.

They Aborted organic farming and despite their other activities, the love for the vineyards and wine led them to more dynamic activity.

In 1999 they meet Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos, an oenologist ,who also comes from the area,and they produce the first bottles of tetramythos. In the years that follow new vineyards are planted and in 2003 starts the construction of a tasteful winery which is completed in 2004.


  • Aristos Spanos
    An impressive Winery, in perfect harmony with the natural environment, operating without reminds anything industrial space.
  • Eustatius Spanos
    Our aim is to produce quality grapes with organic cultivation and the application of innovative techniques of viniculture.
  • Panos Papayiannopoulos
    Our philosophy is to produce quality wines to express ideally the unique terroir of Aigaleias and to have individual character.
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Latest News

Conducted Tour

Guided tour and tasting, is daily from 09:00 to 16:00 as well as Weekends from 10:00 till 18:00, along with staff at 16.00.

Contact Address


8ο kil. Pounta-Kalavrita

Ano Diakopto, 25003, Greece

Phone: +30 26910 97500

Fax: +30 26910 97500


Winery Exhibition

A great exhibition of wine accessories gives us the chance to buy gifts for friends and ourselves,wich will reinforce the pleasure of wine.